Candles as offerings

Each mo7738b508d09118721be7c5207a906f17rning in our workshop in Bali, the gate is opened, the floors are swept, one person dons a ceremonial sash and quietly walks through the workshop and office depositing small hand-made woven offerings filled with flowers and burning incense.

As this is being done, one hundred motorbikes stream in, and everyone takes their places at the work benches for a day of pouring, carving, and painting. As we work, those small offerings that were carefully prepared with fresh flowers and grains of rice, slowly disappear. The flowers dry and shrivel in the heat, ants haul away the grains of rice, and the empty shell of the offering lies all but forgotten only to be swept away the next morning before a fresh one is laid down.  This is island life, contemplative, giving, and carefree at the same time.

KM painting2

Our candles themselves are not much different. Each day, large blocks of beeswax are melted and blended with European fragrance oils. The wax is hand-poured into forms and then, several hours later, a rough candle emerges to be hand wicked, hand-finished and hand-painted. The candles are carefully wrapped and boxed, eventually landing on a store shelf and purchased. Then –  they are burned.

Why go to so much trouble to produce a product that will eventually be destroyed? We believe that hand crafted objects bring joy to the crafter and to the beholder. We imagine our candles being lit, casting a warm glow and shadows onto dining room tables, over carefully prepared meals, onto the faces of friends and family. Some are lit beside a relaxing bath, infusing a room with rich fragrance. Some may be lit at a wedding, providing a soft light for a special moment.  Whereever our candles are burned, we know that the joy is in the act of thoughtfully creating them and then happily using them. Natural Light Candles are made as a small homage to you, our friends, offering joy and luxury for your personal space.

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