Meet Our Candle Designer

I believe that hand crafted objects bring joy to the crafter and to the beholder. I love the workshop environment and the privilege of being able to create things each day.

candle designerCandle Designer, Kelly Marciano, is dedicated to bringing luxury and joy into your home.

Kelly’s creativity is inspired by a life long study of fine art, from Renaissance to Pop Culture, as well as a deep love of crafts, the joy they bring, and the stories they tell.

candle designerKelly relocated to Southeast Asia in 1992 as a fine art conservator working for museums and collectors throughout the region. In 1997 she landed in Bali and started making beeswax candles. The brand Natural Light Candle Company was born. Working alongside fellow artisans, blending traditional candle-making methods with fine art techniques, Kelly has turned the craft of candle making into a sophisticated art with her award winning designs. She not only designs for Natural Light Candle Company but also collaborates with other notable brands such as John Hardy, Armani Casa, Bvlgari , W Hotel & Resorts, and others.

When Kelly is not making candles, or enjoying the island life, she is exploring the Indonesian archipelago and working as an advocate for bees and sustainable beekeeping through her Queen Bee foundation.

Contact Kelly and her team, directly here.