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A Time to Gather: Decorative candles for the holidays

Flickering, scented candle flames are synonymous with the holiday season. So, for all of you who—like us at the Natural Light Candle Company—love candles all year round and understand how essential they are to any gathering, this is your time to shine. For any festive celebration, there is nothing like the warm, uplifting glow of candlelight to welcome friends and loved ones to your holiday get-together. We believe that ambience is everything, and we have the perfect ingredients to help you. Follow our suggestions to revel in the spirit of the season and create memorable occasions.

Choose a color theme for your table setting.

For casual holiday gatherings we like the cool sophistication of our Ivory and Indigo St.Germain Pillars paired with blue and green mismatched plates. A branch from the garden, strung with silver ornaments makes an earthy addition.

For the purist, a collection of fresh whites will help set the scene. Consider our Damask Pillars in Ivory and White for the ultimate in modern luxe. Add touches of lace, silver, cream, and of course lots of champagne!

Traditionalists can return to the all time classic Christmas combination with our Red and White offerings from the elegant Damask range. Use objects on your table that reflect a lot of light. Here we’ve used an antique silver and white pitcher, a mirrored glass silver candle holder, silver Christmas ornaments, and silver leaf wrapping paper.


Add a splash of gold and elevate the glamour of your dinner setting with our Chrysanthemum Art Glass Luminary made especially for this festive season. Here we’ve accessorized a small grouping with gold ribbons and vintage gold costume jewelry for extra sparkle.


Group and regroup. Just like the number of guests at your gathering, we think the more candles the merrier. Candles are not just for the dining table. Place a group of candles at the entrance of your home to give a warm welcome to visitors. Group candles in conversation areas and even inside your fireplace in place of a traditional fire.

Does your home have a signature fragrance? If not, let us fill the sensory void! Each of our pure beeswax candles is blended with the finest European fragrance oils. For a rich floral that maintains sophistication, greet your guests with the scent of Gardenia paired with our equally luxurious Chrysanthemum Art Glass Luminary in Gold. This is a limited edition, so be sure to place your order soon. For the ultimate interplay of the traditional and the exotic, we suggest a Red Currant & Amber fragrance that burns from beeswax that has been hand poured into traditional Balinese offering containers. Each hand pressed and unique silver box is filled with botanically scented, locally sourced beeswax. Inspired by our environment, the silver tin is traditionally used by the Balinese to carry offerings to sacred spaces–now we have adapted it to fit your personal, sacred space.


Pair richly flavored meals with equally hearty olfactory delights. Our Damask collection is available in our most popular scent of Ginger & Amber Rose. The full-bodied top notes of Amber give way to an earthy Ginger and a sensual base note of Rose. All of our Natural Light Candle Company candles are made with our unique natural beeswax blend, so the only thing they emit is the holiday fragrance of your choice. Light up at least two hours before your guests arrive in order for the fragrance to fully saturate your home in time for their arrival.


Delight and Impress. To end the evening on a perfect note, gift guests with something special by decorating each place setting with a memento that they can take home. Our Damask Mini Recessed Pillars are as good, or better, than any dessert. Alternatively, our Mini Balinese Offering Tin in Red Currant & Amber will elevate any dining experience. Your guests can enjoy these candles all year round as each has a burning time of at least 50 hours.


One last tip! In order to enjoy each of our hand painted treasures for as long as possible, read our burning tips here. Have fun arranging your candles and enjoy the glow of the season.

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Share you holiday table with us so we can enjoy your unique arrangement from afar. #naturallightcandle We have no doubt that they will be as fabulous as the festive season itself.










Men, candles, philosophy, and love throughout the ages.

A fondness for candles is usually seen as a feminine penchant, however at Natural Light Candle Company, we believe that men love candles too. men candles

Did you know that November 19th is International Men’s Day? We decided to take this opportunity to pay homage to the men in our lives—the partners, sons, brothers, friends and colleagues that light our world. Candles—particularly our brand of scented beeswax candles—are perfect for all those who seek to uplift their personal space, bring ambience to a gathering, or soften the stress of daily work routines.

Throughout history men have lived and loved by the golden flicker of candlelight. Benjamin Franklin, founding father, author, inventor, traveller and renowned polymath was born the son of a candle maker and was apprenticed as a chandler as a young boy. Literary icon and pioneer of the Beat generation, Jack Kerouac wrote by candlelight in the solitude of his room, treating the wick as a clock-hand to guide him through his night-time writing regime.

Voltaire, along with fellow writers and philosophers, dined and socialized beneath an abundance of candlelit chandeliers in lavish Parisian salons as they discussed the revolutionary ideas of the Enlightenment in the 18th century. One can hardly imagine such stimulating conversation taking place without the ambience created by such inspiring light. Did Casanova cast his spells under fluorescent lighting, we think not! Take a lead from the past by adding the same elegance and refinement to your gatherings.

Love a classic look? The designs of our Damask Leaf and St Germain Pillars are inspired by the superb interiors of the historic Parisian salons.



Be the ultimate modern Renaissance man with the addition of some of our decorative skull candles. Recalling the motifs of 17th century nocturne paintings, we tie together two opposing symbols: of life—the candle—and of mortality—the human skull.

LEFT: The Knight's Dream, oil by Antonio Perada, circa 1690 RIGHT: Ivory skull candle by Natural Light in a Renaissance table setting.

LEFT: The Knight’s Dream, oil by Antonio Perada, circa 1690 RIGHT: Ivory skull candle by Natural Light in a Renaissance table setting.

Just as a microbrewery processes your favourite craft beer, every step of our candle making is meticulously hand crafted in small batches. Our production home is based on the equatorial island of Bali, set back from the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean. We use the finest fragrance oils sourced from the European continent in combination with natural beeswax blends that are hand poured, hand painted and carefully wrapped by local artisans. Candles made from beeswax are extra-long burning for those equally long romantic evenings.

Not only does the value of our decorative candles lie in their longevity and the soft light that they emit, but also in their ability to delight the olfactory senses. Well aware that mood is inextricably linked with aroma, we carefully blend botanical fragrances to produce spicy, gentle infusions to suit the most refined taste and to elevate any physical or emotional space. For the ultimate sensual experience, try our Destination Candles. Layered with fragrances relevant to specific destinations, each candle is a sensory boarding pass to a distant land.



Because our candles gift fragrance, ambience, style and revive the senses, we believe they make the perfect presents for men. In celebration of men across the globe we leave the last word to D.H Lawrence “How beautiful maleness is, when it finds the right expression.”

To view our full range of candles for men, Click Here. 

5 Halloween Decorating Ideas

Creative director, Kelly Marciano, shares her top 5 decorating ideas for Halloween.

“We’ve been having fun at the candle workshop this week! Making home decorations and setting the stage for a dramatic dinner party is one of my favorite things to do. I love getting ready for Halloween almost as much as the party itself.” Keep reading to find out how you can gear up for the holiday and win candles too!


#1 Use Glowing Gothic Lanterns

Make your own lanterns in just a few minutes by printing black silhouettes, cutting them out, and gluing them onto glass hurricane lanterns, glass vases, or even large jars. I found a beautiful Raven and a Gothic iron fence silhouette for this lantern. We used our ivory & white damask pillar inside the lantern to create a light glowing backdrop to contrast with the black graphics. I tried this at home in the evening along with a black and white damask mini pillar and our St. Germain hollow lantern. Our tiny tribute to Edgar Allen Poe…. Nevermore.

Raven Lantern craft by Natural Light Candle Co.         Raven Lantern and Damask Candles



#2 Add a Gruesome Touch

Sure our candles are ultra elegant and tres chic, but we can still have some fun with them! Here I’ve taken our ivory & white damask pillar and dripped red wax around the rim to create a ghoulish gruesome effect. Paired with our classic skull (from the Black label Collection) it looks super creepy!

drippy candles

#3 Use Non Traditional Colors

Halloween doesn’t have to be all black & orange, create a decidedly modern and sophisticated table centerpiece using elegant winter whites and lime green. Perfect if you prefer minimalist decor.


#4 Go Renaissance

For the non-minimalists! Create a scene reminiscent of a Dutch masters painting. This table setting is inspired by the 15th century still life master, Vermeer. We draped a table with dark blue velvet, then stacked and layered interesting objects on it, with loads of wine and food in between. Use it for a decadent hors d’oeuvre or dessert table. Here’s a list to get you started: lots of velvet, silver, crystal decanters, candles, candelabra, dutch porcelain, white lilies or roses, skull candles, pumpkins, fruit and vegetables.

Ode to Vermeer, Natural Light Candles


#5 Create a Dramatic Entrance

This awesome idea for floating candles comes from (where else!) . Here, empty carton tubes (paper towel tubes work well) are painted white and hung with fishing line from LED lamps. A hand painted paper night sky completes the look, but we think it would be ultra elegant (and easier) on a white ceiling.

floating candles

Send Us Your Own Creations !

We hope you enjoy these projects and have fun this Halloween ! Send us photos of you own creations ! You can email them to or post them on the Natural Light Candle facebook page.


Happy Halloween!