8 Types of Dad’s and Father’s Day Gifts They’ll Love

A while back we reflected on the subject of men, candles, philosophy, and love throughout the ages. As a fondness for candles is usually seen as a feminine penchant, we took some time to explore this subject.  What we discovered is that men DO love candles. And since father’s day is just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to list our favorite types of Dads and pair them with their perfect Father’s Day gift. We’re sure that you can relate to at least one of these loving patriarchs. Father’s Day Gift


TECH OBSESSED DAD loves gadgets and statistics. He is frequently found intently observing and recording every activity. He kept a detailed, multi-tabbed, spreadsheet showing your state and national rankings for each stage of your growth, for everything from your height to your grades. His analytical mind craves all sorts of gadgets.  On childhood camping trips the back of the car was filled with a solar pop-up oven, air mattresses that could be inflated by plugging them into the car cigarette lighter, and wind-up battery packs for electronic devises. He has the latest model phone and flashy upgrades to boot; putting your two-seasons-past phone to shame. Let’s face it, the LAST thing this Dad needs is another gadget. Tech Dad could seriously use a little digital down time. Show him the light with a Father’s Day gift of a five-star consumer rated man candle. He’ll marvel at the low tech effect of our glowing  long-burning Damask pillar in white & black. He’ll love the long and detailed burning instructions. Before you know it he’ll be putting Candy Crush aside to watch the shadows playing against the wall, while he secretly times the hours of the burn to see if our claim of 60 hours is correct or not. Father’s Day Gifts

PAL DAD is a man-child who loves to play. When you were young he was just one of the kids, laughing and making screeching car noises around the house. Discipline was not his ‘thing’ and he relegated all serious matters to Mom. As you got older you had to discourage him from hanging out with you at parties. All your friends tell you how awesome your dad is. On one hand you want a normal father; on the other hand, he’s buying you a margarita right nowIf your Pal Dad likes to spend long care-free days at the beach he’ll love our uplifting and lively Ruby Red Grapefruit candle. It’s fresh tropical fragrance that will make him happy even when he’s doing the mundane. If he’s a skater or surfer, he’ll be down with our grudge style skull candle in ivory.  Just make sure you supervise him while it’s burning it so he doesn’t play in the melted wax. Father’s Day Gifts

INTIMIDATING DAD is a man’s-man. He’d rather swallow glass than cook indoors or trim his eyebrows. If you think straight A’s, sports trophies, and charity work are going to impress this Dad, think again. Otherwise known as Hardass Dad – conversations with him are 70% tough love, 20% threat, and 10% bulging forehead vein.  He has aftershave in his ‘medicine chest’ with names like Brut and Old Spice. For him, we recommend the Arabian Oud candle, a decidedly masculine aroma blending notes of black pepper, cumin, amber, myrrh, and vetiver with warm Oud resin. 
Although he might initially raise his bushy eyebrows at receiving a candle. Once he opens it up, he’ll like the fact that our scented candles come in a plain , no-nonsense glass and are topped with a ‘sturdy’ real wooden cover. After he lights it, you might hear him say things like. “ Hm, that’s not so bad” or “Reminds me of that cabin by the lake, where we used to hunt bear.” (Bear Dad, really?) And eventually, “Don’t touch my candle”. Father’s Day Gifts


DC0303LNGRANDPA DAD is a little like Pal Dad, but he’s slower and more nostalgic. Prone to start stories with “Back in my day….” He likes dishing out advice and comparing how society and times have changed. Nostalgic Dads often have a well of amazing stories and lessons to share  Grandpa Dad will love a travel candle for Father’s Day to remind him of his youth, breaking all the rules and traveling the world. That summer in Paris, the conference in London, and his hippy days in Amsterdam. Our destination candles will keep him in stories for months to come.


MOM DAD. What doesn’t super Mom Dad do? He works from home, cooks, and creates elaborate games to teach his kids lessons. He sings, he dances, he makes gourmet burgers and organizes boutique–label bourbon tasting nights for his friends.   Mom Dads are identified by their multitude of pouches which contain an assortment of snacks, toys, and of course, a pocket wine guide.  He knows everyone’s name at PTA meetings and always brings homemade finger-foods. Mom Dad knows how to entertain and will love a candle that adds dash of style to his decor and creates a signature fragrance for his popular gatherings. Like our 10″ Damask pillar , a contemporary square design that’s counter balanced with our classic Damask Leaf pattern in striking black. Tall and bold, this substantial and richly-scented pillar makes a statement in any room. Father’s Day Gifts

NATURE DAD was once an unmoored, drifting art school grad and former yoga instructor. He’s an emotional guy who really appreciates the great outdoors. He loves basking in the sun, hiking, and nalu bowls. When he’s not sharing cute animal photos with you, he’s reading up on perma-culture, or saving the bees. Nature Dad reads labels and is conscious about harmful ingredients and their effects. Show him how well you listened all those years by buying him a sustainably made beeswax candle. Our Stacked Stone pillar is a masculine and bold design stone-like design made of long-burning natural beeswax and left with no added perfume or fragrance. He’ll like the fact that it’s hand-crafted and doesn’t pollute his personal space. Father’s Day Gifts


blk skull4ACTIVIST DAD. He’s down for the struggle and the snuggle. His style of parenting is all about  equality, justice and community. He’s been wearing fair trade hemp t-shirts ever since he learned about the unfair working conditions of his previous brand and he’s always talking about his latest pet social issue. Friends were always welcome at your house because Dad didn’t believe in ‘Private Property’. Although Activist Dad was super hip to grow up with, it wasn’t all roses. You once had to decline an invitation to a party so you could attend a street protest at night with him. Buying  Father’s Day gifts for Activist Dad is tricky business, you have to do your homework. Make it easy by giving him a fair trade candle. He’ll love the fact that Natural Light Candle Company is a charter member of the IBSO (International Business Standards Organization)  and the only candle company in Asia to have received the UNESCO Award of Handicraft Excellence. As if that’s not enough, he’ll just love the groovy fragrances and stylish designs. For Activist Dad, we recommend our skull candle in blackFather’s Day Gifts

6" Stacked Stone Cube in Black Wax Natural Beeswax Blend Burn Time : 90 hours

STAND-IN DAD. We have a soft spot for this guy. Stand-In Dad could be any combination of other Dad’s but what makes him special is that he’s, well possibly not necessarily your choice, but he steps up and plays father figure just when you need him. Stand-In or step Dad’s sometimes get a bad wrap. But hey, he can be cool (sometimes) and Mom’s can’t do everything. Show your Stand – In Dad that you appreciate those moments, no matter how awkward they were, that he took on the role and was there for you. We love this black pillar for him because it’s super cool and rock solid.  

Father’s Day Gifts

There you have it, 8 distinct types of Dad’s. Whatever personality type he has, a Dad is always a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love. Happy Father’s Day!

Saving the Bees in Indonesia

They work seven days a week. They travel up to five miles to and from hundreds of ‘workstations’ making up to 40 trips a day. These non-paid workers are responsible for providing one third of your food and they are completely oblivious to the millions of dollars of agricultural services they perform each year. Bees!

Saving the Bees in Indonesia

Yes, one third of the worlds food depends on BEES. If bees disappear, so will many of our fruit and vegetables, including: apples, avocados, cherries, cashews, coffee (get out!), broccoli, lemons, berries….and the list goes on.

As you may have heard from many sources by now, there has been a world-wide decline in the bee population the last few years. Since 2006 beekeepers in the USA, Europe, and Australia have been reporting that their honeybee populations have been dying off at increasingly rapid rates. In 2015 alone, the USA lost one third of its bee population! Australia and Europe are also experiencing similar losses. The decline is due to aggressive agricultural practices, use of pesticides, and climate change, as well as bee mites and diseases.

A recent report published by the UN has acknowledged that loss of pollinators is a threat to food supplies world-wide. It stressed the importance of protecting pollinators to ensure stable fruit and vegetable output as a key factor in feeding the world’s growing population in coming decades. While the USA, Europe, and Australia have, for years, been collecting local data on bee species, their numbers and health, there are many ‘data gaps’, in other countries, especially in Asia.


Natural Light Candle Company has begun a grassroots initiative to conduct research on honey bees in our area and to help save the bee population in South East Asia. 

Here in Indonesia the bee population has been drastically effected by the practice of slash and burn agriculture. As a result, vast areas of the rain forest have been destroyed. The majority of Indonesia’s honey and bee-keeping activities are in the forest.

Saving the Bees in Indonesia

The fabled wild honey hunters of Borneo, Sumbawa, and many other islands have for decades and perhaps even hundreds of years lived in harmony with the forest. These farmers collect wild honey in a sustainable way and with no impact to the forest and it’s inhabitants. Orangutans, elephants, the rhino, the slow loris, and bees…are all native to these forests and are under serious threat.

Natural Light Candle Company Bee Initiative bees

Saving the Bees in IndonesiaQueen Bees for Sustainability is a new CSR initiative of Natural Light Candle Company. Ratu Lestari Alami is our Indonesian community name. Our headquarters are on the island of Bali.

Our Queen Bee mission at Natural Light Candle Company is to support sustainable beekeeping within Indonesia with a global view of world-wide honey bee decline and possible global food shortages. We collect data, conduct research, and offer support and assistance to beekeepers, honey collectors, and farmers living in bee populated areas across the archipelago.

Our goal is to help farmers in Indonesia, so that they can continue and grow their beekeeping activities in a sustainable and economical way that directly benefits their families, the farming community, and the honey and wax industry, as well as, having a positive impact on Indonesia’s natural environment and food resources.

We believe that long term sustainable and positive impact can only come from respect to nature and to local stakeholders with real and tangible economic and social benefits to all those involved.

We are currently working in Indonesia with initial focus on honey producing areas such as Kalimantan, Sumatra, Sumbawa, Flores, Timor, and Bali.

Calling all Bee Lovers! 

While conducting this work we are open to sharing and working with local independent farmers, agricultural and environmental organisations, field experts, academia, national and international stakeholders as well as beekeeping and environmental enthusiasts. If you’d like to find out more about our work, offer your expertise, sponsor a beehive, or volunteer your time, please contact

In our next blog, we’ll share our wild bee hunting adventures with you and show you what you can do in your own community to help save the bees.

Love IG? Check out our Instagram account @savethebees_bali

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A Time to Gather: Decorative candles for the holidays

Flickering, scented candle flames are synonymous with the holiday season. So, for all of you who—like us at the Natural Light Candle Company—love candles all year round and understand how essential they are to any gathering, this is your time to shine. For any festive celebration, there is nothing like the warm, uplifting glow of candlelight to welcome friends and loved ones to your holiday get-together. We believe that ambience is everything, and we have the perfect ingredients to help you. Follow our suggestions to revel in the spirit of the season and create memorable occasions.

Choose a color theme for your table setting.

For casual holiday gatherings we like the cool sophistication of our Ivory and Indigo St.Germain Pillars paired with blue and green mismatched plates. A branch from the garden, strung with silver ornaments makes an earthy addition.

For the purist, a collection of fresh whites will help set the scene. Consider our Damask Pillars in Ivory and White for the ultimate in modern luxe. Add touches of lace, silver, cream, and of course lots of champagne!

Traditionalists can return to the all time classic Christmas combination with our Red and White offerings from the elegant Damask range. Use objects on your table that reflect a lot of light. Here we’ve used an antique silver and white pitcher, a mirrored glass silver candle holder, silver Christmas ornaments, and silver leaf wrapping paper.


Add a splash of gold and elevate the glamour of your dinner setting with our Chrysanthemum Art Glass Luminary made especially for this festive season. Here we’ve accessorized a small grouping with gold ribbons and vintage gold costume jewelry for extra sparkle.


Group and regroup. Just like the number of guests at your gathering, we think the more candles the merrier. Candles are not just for the dining table. Place a group of candles at the entrance of your home to give a warm welcome to visitors. Group candles in conversation areas and even inside your fireplace in place of a traditional fire.

Does your home have a signature fragrance? If not, let us fill the sensory void! Each of our pure beeswax candles is blended with the finest European fragrance oils. For a rich floral that maintains sophistication, greet your guests with the scent of Gardenia paired with our equally luxurious Chrysanthemum Art Glass Luminary in Gold. This is a limited edition, so be sure to place your order soon. For the ultimate interplay of the traditional and the exotic, we suggest a Red Currant & Amber fragrance that burns from beeswax that has been hand poured into traditional Balinese offering containers. Each hand pressed and unique silver box is filled with botanically scented, locally sourced beeswax. Inspired by our environment, the silver tin is traditionally used by the Balinese to carry offerings to sacred spaces–now we have adapted it to fit your personal, sacred space.


Pair richly flavored meals with equally hearty olfactory delights. Our Damask collection is available in our most popular scent of Ginger & Amber Rose. The full-bodied top notes of Amber give way to an earthy Ginger and a sensual base note of Rose. All of our Natural Light Candle Company candles are made with our unique natural beeswax blend, so the only thing they emit is the holiday fragrance of your choice. Light up at least two hours before your guests arrive in order for the fragrance to fully saturate your home in time for their arrival.


Delight and Impress. To end the evening on a perfect note, gift guests with something special by decorating each place setting with a memento that they can take home. Our Damask Mini Recessed Pillars are as good, or better, than any dessert. Alternatively, our Mini Balinese Offering Tin in Red Currant & Amber will elevate any dining experience. Your guests can enjoy these candles all year round as each has a burning time of at least 50 hours.


One last tip! In order to enjoy each of our hand painted treasures for as long as possible, read our burning tips here. Have fun arranging your candles and enjoy the glow of the season.

For daily holiday inspiration on instagram, follow us @naturallightcandle or on twitter @nl_candleco .

Share you holiday table with us so we can enjoy your unique arrangement from afar. #naturallightcandle We have no doubt that they will be as fabulous as the festive season itself.










Men, candles, philosophy, and love throughout the ages.

A fondness for candles is usually seen as a feminine penchant, however at Natural Light Candle Company, we believe that men love candles too. men candles

Did you know that November 19th is International Men’s Day? We decided to take this opportunity to pay homage to the men in our lives—the partners, sons, brothers, friends and colleagues that light our world. Candles—particularly our brand of scented beeswax candles—are perfect for all those who seek to uplift their personal space, bring ambience to a gathering, or soften the stress of daily work routines.

Throughout history men have lived and loved by the golden flicker of candlelight. Benjamin Franklin, founding father, author, inventor, traveller and renowned polymath was born the son of a candle maker and was apprenticed as a chandler as a young boy. Literary icon and pioneer of the Beat generation, Jack Kerouac wrote by candlelight in the solitude of his room, treating the wick as a clock-hand to guide him through his night-time writing regime.

Voltaire, along with fellow writers and philosophers, dined and socialized beneath an abundance of candlelit chandeliers in lavish Parisian salons as they discussed the revolutionary ideas of the Enlightenment in the 18th century. One can hardly imagine such stimulating conversation taking place without the ambience created by such inspiring light. Did Casanova cast his spells under fluorescent lighting, we think not! Take a lead from the past by adding the same elegance and refinement to your gatherings.

Love a classic look? The designs of our Damask Leaf and St Germain Pillars are inspired by the superb interiors of the historic Parisian salons.



Be the ultimate modern Renaissance man with the addition of some of our decorative skull candles. Recalling the motifs of 17th century nocturne paintings, we tie together two opposing symbols: of life—the candle—and of mortality—the human skull.

LEFT: The Knight's Dream, oil by Antonio Perada, circa 1690 RIGHT: Ivory skull candle by Natural Light in a Renaissance table setting.

LEFT: The Knight’s Dream, oil by Antonio Perada, circa 1690 RIGHT: Ivory skull candle by Natural Light in a Renaissance table setting.

Just as a microbrewery processes your favourite craft beer, every step of our candle making is meticulously hand crafted in small batches. Our production home is based on the equatorial island of Bali, set back from the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean. We use the finest fragrance oils sourced from the European continent in combination with natural beeswax blends that are hand poured, hand painted and carefully wrapped by local artisans. Candles made from beeswax are extra-long burning for those equally long romantic evenings.

Not only does the value of our decorative candles lie in their longevity and the soft light that they emit, but also in their ability to delight the olfactory senses. Well aware that mood is inextricably linked with aroma, we carefully blend botanical fragrances to produce spicy, gentle infusions to suit the most refined taste and to elevate any physical or emotional space. For the ultimate sensual experience, try our Destination Candles. Layered with fragrances relevant to specific destinations, each candle is a sensory boarding pass to a distant land.



Because our candles gift fragrance, ambience, style and revive the senses, we believe they make the perfect presents for men. In celebration of men across the globe we leave the last word to D.H Lawrence “How beautiful maleness is, when it finds the right expression.”

To view our full range of candles for men, Click Here. 

5 Halloween Decorating Ideas

Creative director, Kelly Marciano, shares her top 5 decorating ideas for Halloween.

“We’ve been having fun at the candle workshop this week! Making home decorations and setting the stage for a dramatic dinner party is one of my favorite things to do. I love getting ready for Halloween almost as much as the party itself.” Keep reading to find out how you can gear up for the holiday and win candles too!


#1 Use Glowing Gothic Lanterns

Make your own lanterns in just a few minutes by printing black silhouettes, cutting them out, and gluing them onto glass hurricane lanterns, glass vases, or even large jars. I found a beautiful Raven and a Gothic iron fence silhouette for this lantern. We used our ivory & white damask pillar inside the lantern to create a light glowing backdrop to contrast with the black graphics. I tried this at home in the evening along with a black and white damask mini pillar and our St. Germain hollow lantern. Our tiny tribute to Edgar Allen Poe…. Nevermore.

Raven Lantern craft by Natural Light Candle Co.         Raven Lantern and Damask Candles



#2 Add a Gruesome Touch

Sure our candles are ultra elegant and tres chic, but we can still have some fun with them! Here I’ve taken our ivory & white damask pillar and dripped red wax around the rim to create a ghoulish gruesome effect. Paired with our classic skull (from the Black label Collection) it looks super creepy!

drippy candles

#3 Use Non Traditional Colors

Halloween doesn’t have to be all black & orange, create a decidedly modern and sophisticated table centerpiece using elegant winter whites and lime green. Perfect if you prefer minimalist decor.


#4 Go Renaissance

For the non-minimalists! Create a scene reminiscent of a Dutch masters painting. This table setting is inspired by the 15th century still life master, Vermeer. We draped a table with dark blue velvet, then stacked and layered interesting objects on it, with loads of wine and food in between. Use it for a decadent hors d’oeuvre or dessert table. Here’s a list to get you started: lots of velvet, silver, crystal decanters, candles, candelabra, dutch porcelain, white lilies or roses, skull candles, pumpkins, fruit and vegetables.

Ode to Vermeer, Natural Light Candles


#5 Create a Dramatic Entrance

This awesome idea for floating candles comes from (where else!) . Here, empty carton tubes (paper towel tubes work well) are painted white and hung with fishing line from LED lamps. A hand painted paper night sky completes the look, but we think it would be ultra elegant (and easier) on a white ceiling.

floating candles

Send Us Your Own Creations !

We hope you enjoy these projects and have fun this Halloween ! Send us photos of you own creations ! You can email them to or post them on the Natural Light Candle facebook page.


Happy Halloween!





Scented Candles: Your Guide to Fragrances

We all love scented candles.  Luxurious, calming, and also THE perfect gift. But choosing a fragrance in a department store or online can be overwhelming. We’re faced with an enormous variety of candles, labelled with seemingly obscure names such as Nectarine Blossom, Golden Solstice, or simply “Evocative” (evocative of what?). With all the choices, how do you choose a scent that will match your personal style or pick something that your bestie will love?


Start by choosing your scent family.Scented candles.

The basic families of scented candles are;

scented candles


Find out what notes are in the candles your considering.

Once you decide on a scent family that you love, find a detailed description of the candle and choose fragrances with top and base notes within that family. (If a fragrance doesn’t have a description at all, you might want to pass it up for something that is more clearly defined).

Notes are the ingredients used to make up the fragrance oil, and can range from plant and flower extracts to wood and spice scent molecules. Be aware that not all fragrance oils are the same quality. The cheaper the candle is, the more likely it is that cheaper and synthetic oils were used. A candle using oils from a named area or renowned fragrance house is more likely to smell authentic. Some of the best quality fragrance oils originate from Grasse in France.


scented candlesThe top notes of a fragrance are what you smell first as a candle starts burning, these are usually lighter than the other ingredients, and act to define the primary fragrance burst. Examples of top notes might be coconut, amber or fig. Top notes typically evaporate first.


scented candles


After about 30 minutes of burning a candle, top notes will give way to middle and eventually base notes. Base notes contain molecules that last longer than top notes. They are the lasting core of the fragrance and are usually a version of a floral, wood, or vanilla essence. One example in particular, and our most popular fragrance, is Amber & Ginger Rose. This fragrance starts with top notes of warm amber and spicy ginger and then gives way to a deep and sensuous rose fragrance.


Find out the strength of the candle you are considering:

Fragrance oil is blended into wax at different percentages.  When choosing a scented candle, one may want to consider the occasion or environment. I often light candles before dinner throughout the house. It’s part of a little ritual that I do each evening, to unwind from the day. However I don’t want overpowering fragrances while I’m eating, so I choose softer scented candles , such as our Japanese Chrysanthemum Pillars in Tuberose. When I’m having a party I like stronger fragrances to make a more memorable event. I use more candles and especially glass filled candles with stronger fragrances to make a bold statement, such as the Natural Light Home Fragrance #3 in Ruby Grapefruit or #5 in Moroccan Rose.


scented candles

How to get the most our of your scented candles:

  • Give it time: When burning a candle, especially for the first time, allow it to burn long enough for the wax to pool to the edge (if it’s a glass filled candle) or about ¼” to the edge if it’s a pillar candle. This is usually 2-3 hours for natural wax candles which burn more slowly. A wider wax pool will throw more scent into the air.
  • How many? To scent a bathroom or closed bedroom, one candle should be sufficient. To scent a large living area or semi outdoor area, use one candle for every 4sqft. To add fragrance to an outdoor patio or garden party, concentrate several candles in one or two areas to create a scent zone that people will notice and comment on.
  • Maintain your investment: Read and follow the manufacturers burning instructions: Keep the wick straight and trimmed, and avoid drafts for an optimum burn.



Final Word

What are your favorite fragrance notes? Use the comments box below to let us know your personal favorites.


Candles as offerings

Each mo7738b508d09118721be7c5207a906f17rning in our workshop in Bali, the gate is opened, the floors are swept, one person dons a ceremonial sash and quietly walks through the workshop and office depositing small hand-made woven offerings filled with flowers and burning incense.

As this is being done, one hundred motorbikes stream in, and everyone takes their places at the work benches for a day of pouring, carving, and painting. As we work, those small offerings that were carefully prepared with fresh flowers and grains of rice, slowly disappear. The flowers dry and shrivel in the heat, ants haul away the grains of rice, and the empty shell of the offering lies all but forgotten only to be swept away the next morning before a fresh one is laid down.  This is island life, contemplative, giving, and carefree at the same time.

KM painting2

Our candles themselves are not much different. Each day, large blocks of beeswax are melted and blended with European fragrance oils. The wax is hand-poured into forms and then, several hours later, a rough candle emerges to be hand wicked, hand-finished and hand-painted. The candles are carefully wrapped and boxed, eventually landing on a store shelf and purchased. Then –  they are burned.

Why go to so much trouble to produce a product that will eventually be destroyed? We believe that hand crafted objects bring joy to the crafter and to the beholder. We imagine our candles being lit, casting a warm glow and shadows onto dining room tables, over carefully prepared meals, onto the faces of friends and family. Some are lit beside a relaxing bath, infusing a room with rich fragrance. Some may be lit at a wedding, providing a soft light for a special moment.  Whereever our candles are burned, we know that the joy is in the act of thoughtfully creating them and then happily using them. Natural Light Candles are made as a small homage to you, our friends, offering joy and luxury for your personal space.

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